Sociedade Agrícola Félix Rocha

Luis Maia

In the middle of this picture you can see Louis from winehouse Felix Rocha the together Wim Liekens on the right and his son Pieter-Jan. Together they present the very first 3 bottles of our assembly.

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.

Vale da Capucha

Pedro Marquez

The Marques family and their estate, Vale do Capucha, represent the viticultural renaissance that the Lisboa DO has experienced over the last decade and a half.

There have been four generations of winemakers in his family before Pedro Marques, but he was the first one to have studied winemaking, and the first to really concentrate on shaking up the traditions of the area. He joined his father Alfonso In 2009. and switched the focus to white wines, which he believed were better suited to the vineyard’s location near to the Atlantic Ocean (they are 8 km/ 5 miles away along the Lisbon coast). He also made the switch to organics, becoming certified in 2012, to better express the terroir.

“Great wine is made in the vineyard.”

Rui Serrao Gil

The origin of our family story and vineyard in Portugal. We owe great virtue to Rui. A passionate wine and vinification expert who gave us a glimpse of the opportunity here in Portugal.

Your future is created by what you to today, not tomorrow.