Vinha Do Cercado

Our Timeline



With our first harvest in 2017, we developed tree new red wines:
- The first two red wines are traditional made of a blend of Tinta Roriz, Syrah and a local grape in the area of Torres Vedras direction to Alenquer.
- The third wine is natural processed in colaboration with a famous young organic winemaker in Turcival.
This wine is a blend of Tinta Roriz and Touriga Franca aged with a little touch of oak.
Our harvest this summer 2018 was exceptional beside the extreme high temperatures (47°C) late august. (high sugar content 14% and nice maturity)
A lot of vineyards in the area up to Porto were enormous damaged (90% less yield) by the grapes exposed to the sun.
We were lucky having longer leaves protecting the grapes like they do more south and warmer area of Portugal.
Besides making the red wines we have this year also the intention to make a nice sweet rose as well…




Begin of 2017 we bought an existing 15 years old vineyard of 1,5 Ha between Torres and Alenquer, the wine route of the Region Lisbon.
In the past the grapes were send to a cooperative with sometimes harvest of 20 ton…
We transferred step by step the winter trimming to reduce the harvest in 2017 in the first year with 50%.
So we improved our quality.
We did the same exercise for the harvest 2018. Now we have a controlled yield of no more than 7,7 Ton of Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo).
We are happy with the friendship of a local believer in our project and who is an Engineer in Agriculture and nowadays a professional in planting vineyards from Portugal, France and Chili. Together we developed a nice working relationship with 2 local young passionate winemakers.




We fell in love for the area of Torres Vedras during our frequent traveling in Portugal.
First, the hospitality of the friendly people, the purity of the land and nature, a soul with rich minerals, a huge Atlantic Ocean on the border which tempers temperatures and secure enough humidity.

During a summer afternoon, we travelled through small roads around the small hills like little Tuscany, with on top typical old windmills for the grains and far away the background modern windmills … we became both very silent … impressed …
For a little fraction we looked back in our memories … but then we looked both forward … we felt our heart in love, a new dream was born …




Wim stated his professional career as Industrial Engineer, specialized in all kind of continuous improvement methods and processes in a Prestige International Cosmetic Company. During his long career of 35 years he developed and implemented new technology and best practices and these methods became a benchmark in the whole +10-billion-dollar Company.
His passion for improvement was the trigger to start and to be co-founder of the professional winemakers in Belgium, called de ‘ vzw Belgium winemakers’ in 2015.
For 10 years he learned and shared knowledge and developed the Belgium Guide; ‘Sector gids for Belgium Winemakers’. This guide is still be used by more than 60 professional or semiprofessional winemakers.’



Planted Vineyard

In 2012, ten years after the planting of the vineyard, the wine was served on local Prestige Restaurants like ‘De Pastorie’ and ‘ De Watermolen in Lichtaart and Kasterlee. In the layout we optimised the orientation, planted the small stocks in bumps covered with dark foil to capture more energy and regulate better conditions of humidity.
This micro climate had generated excellent quality and healthy grapes and step by step we learned to how make wines with the proper balance for sugar, acidity and astringency of the different tannins.




In 2002, we were the first in Kasterlee, in the north of the region of Antwerp , planting a small hobby vineyard called : ‘Wijngaard de Langenberg”.
We used new kind type of grapes so called ‘hybrids’ : white grapes : Bianca, Phoenix, Johannitter , Solaris and Rondo & Regent the red grapes.
These varieties of stocks are specially been developed for the Norden regions in Europe . They are better resistant against diseases and feel good in this colder and humid climate.
The vineyard was an open door for sharing best practices and contributed a lot in education to local associations like school, service groups , KMO's and Voka. Even International companies organized their yearly brainstorming meeting with excecutive and senior management.
By these initiatives the vineyard became very well known and highly respectfull in our region.
The best Flemisch quote came from of one of the many cyclists that passes the vineyard : ``Arbeid adelt maar adel arbeidt niet`` .
Recently in 2018 following our initiative, two more new vinyards are planted in Hukkelberg and near to the Ark Van Noë both in Lichtaart, together + 3 Ha .
And plans are on the table to extend to more than 10 Ha ... What a challenge !